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Founded in 1983, the BNEI ISSAKHAR Institute of Jerusalem took upon itself to reveal the unknown and/or neglected Intellectual legacy of the Sephardic communities since the expulsion of the Jews from Spain.

After 27 years of operation, through the WORLD SEPHARDIC LIBRARY, we are proud to propose you the largest selection of Sephardic authors & Kabala books. Make sure we are on the shelves, learned and teached.

The OHR HAMAARAV publishing house encourages the famous Sephardic families to make sure that their forefathers' intellectual heritage is published and accessible to all.

[Video] Mimuna 5772
מאמר בעתון יום ליום אודותינו
Mimuna 5771
Les Tsadikim du Maroc
Inauguration Los Angeles
Mimuna 5770
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